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Apfel Funeral Home Kenesaw

Apfel Funeral Home Kenesaw

Funeral Services

About Us

Many funeral directors get so caught up in the “business” of funeral arrangements and cremation services that they forget it is the people who are still alive that need us most. All of us at Apfel Funeral Home understand that, at a time like this, you really deserve the opportunity to work with a compassionate human being. All things being equal, wouldn’t you rather go through this very demanding process with someone who listens to your needs with compassion, who gently provides necessary direction, and who is a source of encouragement and hope?

You have a number of choices available to you of companies that provide funeral services and cremation services in Nebraska. At Apfel Funeral Home, taking care of all the details in a dignified and professional manner is a given. All of the arrangements for funeral services, flowers, caskets, visiting hours and limousines will be smoothly managed. Any good funeral director can do this.

What makes us unique at Apfel Funeral Home is the profound personal attention we provide to our client families in three phases. First, we are there to help you prepare before the loss actually occurs. Then, we help you get through all of the arrangements and details after the person passes. Finally, we work with our families in recovery for however long the grieving and healing process takes after experiencing a loss.

At Apfel Funeral Home our real job is taking care of you and your family

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