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PC Service of Nebraska

PC Service of Nebraska

Computer Products / Services

About Us

Hi. I’m Brian Cox, owner of PC Service of
Nebraska. My computer career began 43
years ago when my parents bought me my
first computer when I was 7. I did some
computer work while attending Hastings
College, graduating in 1994 with Computer
Science, Businesses Administration and
Accounting degrees. After college, I started
working as a computer technician. In 2000 I
started this business.
We take care of some large corporate
networks, basically functioning as their IT
director. Consulting as well as all the actual
doing. Manufacturing, medical offices,
finance... Life cycle management. License
compliance. HIPAA compliance. 2FA. Training.
Server administrator. Multiple locations.
VPNs. Firewalls. SQL database administration.
Web site development. Security. And so
much more!


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