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281 Studios


About Us

Video is a great way to catch your audience’s attention and communicate your company's message. The medium is stimulating, interactive and provides the great opportunity for your company to emotionally connect with your audience.

However, creating a video that actually changes your audience’s behavior, or influence them to take action, requires a strategic approach. Our focus is to understand your audience’s motivations, create engaging productions and use the latest design styles throughout the entire video production process.

Our business started with video production, so it's our #1 request. That is why you can expect your production will meet deadlines and be on-budget. We produce the video shoot, edit the footage and deliver content in record time. Our team is in-house which allows for increased reliability, efficiency, time savings, cost savings and the overall quality of our work. No matter the project, we will produce videos that are specific to your audience, achieves your goals and ultimately lead to results.

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Will Amyot

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